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Baker, Bruce Assistant Principal
Powell, Rickey Assistant Principal
Smith, Neal Principal
Smith, Sheika Guidance Counselor
Burks, Alvin Educational Technologist

Chamberlayne, Kimberly Mathematics - Instructor
Crosby, John English I
Foreman, Patricia Spanish Instructor
Handy, Shaune' Technology Foundations
Harness, Claude Band/General Music
Harrell, LaKendrick 7th Grade Social Studies
Ivory, Florida Mathematics- Instructor
Johnson, Katy English 7th grade
Kelton, Shelia Mathematics - SATP Instructor
Knight, Jennifer Inclusion/ Compensatory Math I
Luckett, Martha Biology II/ Physical Science
McDaniel, Larry World Geography/Mississippi Studies/World History
McDowell, Stanley Inclusion
Minor, Jessica 8th Grade Science
O'Quinn, Ricky Learning Strategies
Otkins, Angela U.S. History/World History
Perry, Naomi Social Studies-Instructor
Scott, Ruth JMG- Instructor
Smith, Patricia Science Skills and Reasoning/Anatomy and Physiology/ Chemistry
Weathers, Richard Goverment/ Economics - World History Instructor
Whetstone, Barrett Special Education Teacher

Anderson, Lucille Special Services
Banks, Elizabeth Office-Secretary
Cooper, Jennifer ISS Facilitator
Faust, Jeanette Parent Center
Harris, Bobbie ITV-Facilitator
Jackson, Christine Special Services
Williams, Kernan Office- Secretary